Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 Secondary Characters

Thought I'd do a little self-promotion today.  It all goes along with Fowlerville, though.

When I was doing the research for "The Fowlerville Chronicles" and "Through the Eyes of a Country Editor," I used much of what I learned to write my two historical fiction novels (a third one is in the works).  I changed the name of the town to Cedartown but it certainly looks a lot like Fowlerville in the early 1900s!

So, promoting my books on social media takes quite a bit of extra work.  Basically, books don't just sell themselves as there are so many out there.  To that end, I do a great many blog posts for other bloggers.  My latest for my two books can be found by clicking here.

I wrote about my favorite secondary characters -- Izzy in "Juniper and Anise" and Rita Mae in "Tilly Loves Johnny."

If you are interested in purchasing my books, you can head to my website or search on Amazon for both the ebook format or paperbacks.  They are fun reads involving hooch, rumrunners, bootlegging, blind pigs, and a ton of other stuff.

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