Thursday, May 14, 2009

Historical Village

The Fowlerville Fairgrounds acts as host and resident-keeper of the Livingston Centre Historical Village. Located at the back of the property, and right next to many of the 4H buildings, you can find a barber shop, a cobbler, a schoolhouse, a home, a church, and a depot, along with a few other choice sights just begging for the attention of my camera.

So, the other day, I took to wandering through the historical village while no one else was around. The sun warmed my back as I read plaques and pondered the lives that had passed through the doorways of all these buildings.

And I clicked away, taking numerous shots of anything that caught my attention.

The Fowlerville Fairgrounds website contains quite a bit of information regarding these old buildings and you can read all of that here.

But I then went in further search and came across this website -- Fowlerville History -- and it is full of pictures from yesteryear along with current information. There are pictures of the main four corners from years earlier, along with the Standard gas station that used to occupy the corner of Grand River and Second Street.

Over the next few days, I will be posting some of the pictures I snapped that nice warm day so check back.

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