Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movers and Shapers

A few more shots from the Historical Village at the Fowlerville Fairgrounds, and a thought came to me. This series of pictures encompasses the movers and shapers in our early history.

A train depot sheltered residents before boarding the trains that may have taken them along the Grand River route from east to west, and north and south from Flint to Detroit. This particular building came from the Howell area and has been beautifully restored, with displays inside and detailed trimwork outside.

That represents our movers.

Our shapers?

A school house -- Coughran School, built in 1882. The picture of the window makes me wonder if the size was on purpose so the students would be more inclined to study. Or economical? Or did it help to keep the building a bit warmer, yet let a bit of light in?

And we have a barber shop -- It was originally located in Hartland, built in 1910.

One of my early squint shots (which you can find here), explains the reasoning behind the striped barber pole. I can hardly pass by a barber shop now without remembering this bit of trivia.

Fowlerville is fortunate to have citizens that care enough to preserve and restore these buildings. Be sure to keep on the look-out for times and events when these buildings are open to the public. You might just find learning some of our area history is right up your alley.


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