Friday, May 29, 2009

Market Day

This little piggie went to market . . . .

And, oh was it delicious, and interesting, and fun to talk with the vendors.

A couple days ago, under the threat of dark clouds and rumblings off in the distance, the Fowlerville Farmers' Market was up and running for another Wednesday session. Kim and Sandra were there to meet and greet everyone with big smiles and conversation. They are ready with brochures and information for upcoming events and give-aways.

Sometimes I think it might be more of a social event than a shopping trip. As I wandered around to see the various vendors and products, I had vowed not to spend any money because I was more interested in getting information for this article.

So, after catching up with Kim and Sandra, I ventured over to Son-in-Law Products. Jars of salsas, horseradishes, barbeque sauces, and pickled asparagus, yes pickled asparagus, were lined up like little soldiers, ready and waiting to be put into service. I tried to resist but to no avail. When offered a stalk of pickled asparagus, I had to try it. Oh my gosh. It was delicious. I'll be back for more.

Son-in-Law is located in Webberville, 4220 Iosco Road, Webberville, 48892, 517.521.3358. If you can't make it to the market, be sure to give them a call. They will let you know hours of operation or when they will be at the Farmers' Market.

Across the promenade from Son-in-Law was some of the most beautiful jewelry I have seen -- original, classy, shiny -- all from Pi-Mar Designs. Oh my.

Pi-Mar is located at 515 West Grand River Avenue (across from Citizens Bank), 517.223.5950.

In addition to 20 years of experience in the jewelry designing business, they also buy gold. If you don't happen to see them at the market, be sure to visit their store.

Then, onto the next stall . . .

The Bake Shop, where you can find flavorful granola filled with blueberries or cherries, or maple-flavored. Susan "talked" me into trying some of the blueberry granola and I could hardly think of what questions I wanted to ask next. The taste was wonderful. She and her husband, Mike, have a shop in Owosso, 207 North Washington Street, 489.729.2253.

As I munched on the granola, the booth across the way caught my eye.

The Great Harvest Bread Company, out of Brighton, with the booth tended by Lori. Oh, the smells, the selections, the cookies and bread. I had my granola in hand and didn't think I needed anything else, but she was also very convincing. A cookie for my troubles. I saved it and shared it with my husband later that evening. Unfortunately, it was so delicious, I only got the last bite!

I'll have to revisit their booth for more cookies. The Great Harvest Bread Company is located at 416 West Main Street, Brighton, 810.225.1400.

Two booths to go.

Next stop was to meet Gary at Great Tasting Dogs, where he was slaving over a hot grill, brats browning nicely. Before I could hardly get a word in, he said those were already sold, but he would happily make mine the next order. My hands were full with granola and a cookie, so I passed -- but I will be back.

Gary is ready and willing to cater special events and plans on many Wednesdays at the Farmers' Market. He can be reached at 800.964.2315. Oh, and by the way, he uses all Michigan products, Koegel in particular for the brats.

Last stop and I broke my promise to myself. I just had to spend $2.75 for a dozen of farm-fresh eggs, but I resisted the asparagus (for now) from Turk Farms. It all looked so wonderful and I could have spent way too much money, but I'll be heading back next week for more.

Turk Farms sells everything from meats such as chicken, port, chevron, and rabbit to eggs to vegetables. They are located at 4915 Cullen Road, Fenton, 810.656.7216.

Short of having this sound like a commercial, I would like to encourage everyone to visit the Farmers' Market, every Wednesday, rain (we hope not) or shine (yay), and check out what it has to offer.

As Kim mentioned, every week there will be special events, each month a give-away, and an ever-changing array of vendors. It is now on my calendar for next week. Hope to see you there.

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