Saturday, May 2, 2009

Snack-urday 114

This is the season for strawberries -- they are plentiful and cost-effective. So you're planning on making jam and shortcake, but what about sun-or-air drying some to top cereal?

Here's an easy recipe:

Choose ripe, red, high quality strawberries for drying. Wash the strawberries by spraying them with white vinegar and rinsing with water. Remove any bad spots and remove the cap.

Cut the strawberries uniformly in 1/2 inch slices. This will help them to dry evenly. Spread them out for drying ensuring they are not overlapping each other. Air must be able to circulate freely around the strawberries.

Sun or air drying requires a warm day with temperatures near 100 degrees and low humidity. Place the strawberries in a sunny window.

Check them periodically. Strawberries should be almost crisp but remain pliable.

Pack strawberries in a moisture-proof glass container such as a canning jar for best results. Label the strawberries with the date of preservation. Store in a cool dry place. Strawberries should be used within a year.

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