Friday, September 11, 2009

Dawn Patrol

This blog, The Ville, was started up in February of this year. That means it didn't exist last year when I attended the Dawn Patrol in September, 2008. So my impressions and observations can be found on my other blog, Amuse Me, and you can read my post entitled Dawn Patrol, by clicking here.

It was wet last year, but so far the weatherman seems to be talking sunny and pleasant all weekend. If that holds true, maybe there will be a ton more planes flying into the Maple Grove Airport. And that means the Fowlerville Rotary will be jumping to serve as many breakfasts as they can Sunday between 7 and 11 am. But it won't just be breakfast that's available. Doug Burnie will also have his Mr. B's wagon there serving up corn dogs, hot dogs and brats, french fries, and a whole bunch more. There are a myriad of activities planned for both Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, so come join the fun.

Head north on Fowlerville Road about 3 miles to Sherwood Road, turn east and go about 1 mile, and you will end up at Maple Grove Airport. See you there.

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