Sunday, June 24, 2012

1939 Chapman Anniversary

Recently, I was at the historical collection and came across two notebooks full of anniversary celebrations.  Over the next few days, I will be posting some of them.  Today's shows the 50th anniversary of the Chapmans in 1939.  In that same year, a new village well was installed and this post showed some of that information.

Following is their anniversary announcement:

Friends Honor Mr. and Mrs. Chapman~~Golden Wedding Celebrated in Same House Where Wedding Took Place

Thursday, October 17, 1889, in the presence of near relatives, at her parental home south of Fowlerville, Miss Jennie Affleck was united in the bonds of holy matrimony with Frank E. Chapman of Cohoctah, Mich., by the late Rev. F.W. Warren of Howell, Mich.  The honeymoon trip was devoted at the State University, Ann Arbor.  Since the return, with the exception of about four years while traveling, they have resided and wrought among us.

Tuesday, October 17, 1939, with open house to their many friends, they celebrated their gold anniversary in the same house where Mrs. Chapman has resided during the past three score and five years.

More than usual, the event began the Sunday before, by a surprise dinner sponsored and served by thirty-one near relatives, at the home, which was also decorated by guest contributions.

Tuesday afternoon and evening more than one hundred relatives and friends gathered at their home, and forty-nine beautiful messages by mail, all with congratulations plus gladness to brighten the lives of those participating.  The cherished friendships of the community were well demonstrated by attendance, mingling and enlarging the circle of acquaintance with guests from East Lansing, Lansing, Detroit, Plymouth, Fenton, Grand Blanc, Howell, Grand Rapids, Adrian, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The tokens of esteem were rich, rare, useful and durable.

The floral kingdom yielded many beautiful collections, exhibiting the intelligence and artistic taste of the individual and family contributions, to which were added the gorgeous baskets, pots and bouquets sent by the F&AM, OES Ladies' Aid and Hav'alook Gardens, all artistially arranged reflecting the golden rays at sunset of a perfect day, attracting the attention of the photo craft.

Friday evening, the OES extended to them and the other remaining charter members a grand reception and supper with a bride's cake which concluded the week's festivities.

Mr. and Mrs. Chapman desire to express their appreciation, gratitude and goodwill to all for each and every contribution which tended to embellish the home beauty and make the occasion one ever to be remembered as the most pleasant in life's journey.

They also hope to have so lived as to merit your manifestations, and that they too may contribute to the welfare and happiness of everyone.

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