Saturday, June 9, 2012

Squint Shot 060912

DE Towing was owned by Dan Eldridge, and he operated a towing service in Fowlerville for nearly 45 years.  The above picture was offered for my viewing recently, when I met with Dan and looked through some memoriabilia he has.  This building may now be hard to recognized as it is slowly crumbling in on itself at the southeast corner of East Grand River and South Collins.  Years earlier, Dan had sold this building and some may remember Hill's Sporting Goods.  Dan had purchased the building from the McPherson family.

We will do a few more days of random memoriabilia and then I will be showing a few more houses.  If anyone has ideas for squint shots, I would love to hear suggestions.  After posting a picture every day since February, 2009, there are over 1,000 squint shots and I would love to show what everyone is interested in -- so be sure to give me ideas!

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