Friday, June 15, 2012

Squint Shot 061512

The other day, I pulled into the parking lot for St. Agnes Catholic Church for the express purpose of getting a photograph of the house and chapel for Niblack Funeral Home.  Little did I know I would also get a shot of one of the owners sweeping the front porch!

At one time, I came across an article in The Fowlerville Review of a local photographer, J.P. Jensen, and his wife, and of their move from the village to the outskirts of the populated area to this farmhouse.  At that point, it would have been just the farmhouse since the chapel was added years later when this location became the funeral home.  In another article, a fire was reported on in the upstairs of the house.  When I asked its current residents, Scott mentioned he has noticed signs of fire damage in a couple of places.

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