Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Squint Shot 061312

As mentioned in yesterday's post, here is the booklet that was given out by E.D. Defendorf in the mid-1920s.  It is The Improved Farmers Record and Account Book.  Eugene Defendorf dealt in "general hardware, implements and wire fence, paints, oil and glass" with their motto being "good goods at right prices."

This booklet was found by one of my readers and he bought it off of eBay and donated it to the collection we are slowly building.  Someday . . . I hope . . . we will have a permanent display somewhere in the village to show off all of the wonderful items we have collected.
As I thumbed through the booklet, I found the following explanations interesting.  Anyone willing (or able) to try living on these kinds of wages in today's world and prices?!? 

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Jramsey933 said...

Thanks for posting this pamphlet from my grandfather's store.