Friday, September 10, 2010


The village has decided to dismantle the old building in the northeast quadrant behind Butler Gun. As of Thursday afternoon, the metal sheeting had been removed and all of this rough-sawn cedar was visible. I had the opportunity to wander inside and all around the outside of the building as work continued, and found so many interesting things to photograph. I took a ton of pictures and will plan on posting those as squint shots in the future. That future is now getting into the first of the year, with so many other pictures already lined up; i.e., headstones and information in October, aerials in November, miscellaneous and Christmas scenes in December. I also had a chance to stroll through the two-story red house at the corner of East Grand River and South Collins. A couple of days ago it was empty -- by the time I post the squint shots, it might be occupied.

The above building's history is flavored by being a fur trading post in the early 1900s. Will Sidell and Son owned it for a time and some of the older residents may remember delivering skins to this building. In my research for The Fowlerville Chronicles, I came across a few interesting articles and will plan on posting those when I post all of the pictures I took.

The house mentioned above was inhabited by Nellie Glenn and her husband, Dr. Glenn, for many years. I also came across numerous articles on them and will post that information with pictures of the house.

I have such a huge collection of articles and information stored in my laptop from my research -- so much that could not be included in the book -- but it will be included with many of the upcoming squint shots.

For now, you might just want to take a drive through the parking lot behind Save-On to see the progress of the building as it disappears. I'll head back there over the next few days to take pictures and will post those accordingly.

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