Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Squint Shot 092810

One bright and sunny day, I got a bit curious about what signs were located at the four main entrances to the village. This sign is across North Grand Avenue from the high school. There is an incomplete boulevard driveway entrance to what was supposed to be a subdivision where I was able to turn into, snap the picture, and continue on my merry way.
This squint shot is my little respite from the historical portion of Fowlerville, but there is so much more to come. As I am posting squint shots, I am also going through all of my research I saved while compiling The Fowlerville Chronicles. That book is packed with information but there was so much more I couldn't find a spot for and I wanted to share it. So, in addition to the biography I am putting together of G.L. Adams, publisher and editor of The Fowlerville Review in the early years of this town, I am also using this website as a source for information.

Be sure to check back. There might be something from the early years, maybe from 1950 when Tomion's was so busy, or maybe from just a few years ago. You just will never know until you visit The Fowlerville Observer.

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