Monday, September 27, 2010

Stage Coach Poster

When I was taking the squint shots of the little stonehouse at Six Corners, the owner of the building was present and we had a wonderful discussion about possible past history of the area. He had a print of this stage coach poster designating the route in 1856 from Detroit through Howell and beyond (the Plank Road was completed in 1853). I have to wonder if the drivers of these teams and wagons stopped in Fowlerville to refresh the horses and maybe even passengers.
It is a well-known fact Ralph Fowler worked hard to make the Grand River Trail a popular route, years earlier, by arranging for a lumber wagon to travel this trail on a weekly basis. There were planned stops in Howell, Fowlerville, what was to become Webberville (originally called Phelpstown), Williamston and so on to Lansing, with the express purpose of no man having to walk the route if at all possible.

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