Thursday, September 30, 2010

Squint Shot 093010

Tomorrow the squint shots are going to take a different turn -- for the month of October I will be posting pictures of various old headstones in Greenwood Cemetery (another month will have shots from Mt. Olive) along with appropriate obituaries published in the local newspaper. But for today, this squint shot is of the sign posted as you enter the village from the west. Now for a quiz or to test how observant you are:
At which end of the village is there no longer a welcome sign because a sidewalk was installed this spring?
Give up?
The east end, and here are a couple pictures I took at the time. The first one is looking west from the St. Agnes Church parking lot. The second one shows where the sidewalk goes in front of the Niblack Funeral Home. Formerly, the welcome sign was posted at the east edge of this property.

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