Thursday, December 8, 2011

1898 Little Klondike Restaurant

Late in 1898 and into January, 1899, the following short blurbs were found in the local newspaper:

The Little Klondike is running full hours. Warm lunch at all hours. Roy Glover, Prop.

Roy Glover is the new proprietor of the Little Klondike restaurant.

The Little Klondike lunch room is now running. We have smoking tobacco and cigars. Give us a call. J.S. Collins & Son

Both the Glover and Collins names were prevalent in the early history of Fowlerville as well as found yet today. But in all of my research, I never come across a location for this restaurant/lunch room/smoking depot. If anyone happens to know anything about the Little Klondike restaurant, it would be great to have you leave a comment. And, of course, if ever I do find more information, I will pass it along.

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