Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1911 Runaway Steer

Can you even imagine? . . .

A steering running down the street Wednesday with a rope attached, excited the interest of a number of people on the street. Roy Hagerman grabbed the trailing rope and then made a baloon ascension in the air, but he was game and hung on and, although pretty badly mussed up, he stopped the runaway steer.

And . . .

As Edward Collier was leading his Holstein bull out to water Sunday, the animal made an attack upon him and very fortunately tossd him over the fence out of the way of further harm.

The same animal made an attack upon the hired man a few weeks ago as he was taking him to water and Crit Flynn coming to the rescue was quite painfully injured.

A shotgun was procured and the animal was peppered by a charge of bird shot and driving into the barn, and later on Mr. Collier went in and tied him up.

He was sold to E. Krause and brought here Wednesday morning and shipped to Detroit.

The dog played a prominent part in the attack, fighting the bull furiously while he was attacking his master, and in all probability the dog actually saved the lives of the three men attacked by the bull at different times.

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