Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1928 Ice Rink

With the cold weather upon us, I thought I'd post the following article from the local newspaper, from 83 years ago:
From the description of the location, I'm kind of assuming it is where Centennial Park now resides. At one time, this land was considerably lower and swampy, until work was completed to drain the water better. In later years, this was Centennnial Field where the schools would use this land for sports practices and games.

Weather cooperating, there will once again be an ice skating rink in the village -- same as last year -- just west of the hardware store. The DPW workers will begin flooding this area once it looks like there's going to be a long stretch of cold weather. You might even see Larry Davis there, late into the evening, spraying a thin layer of water over the area each night to keep the ice smooth and very usable.

So, for just in case, I'd say get your skates sharpened and start looking toward the skies! The DPW's biggest thanks would be that the rink will be well-used.

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