Thursday, December 29, 2011

1903 Christmas Furs

Although this may not necessarily be about Christmas, I would almost imagine quite a few ladies received furs this winter --

A Fowlerville Boy~~Clare Hess, son of W.H. Hess, one of the founders of this paper, and born in this village, went to Korea about three years ago with a mining company. He saw that a fortune could be made in buying fur from the natives and shipping to the United States and severed his connection with the mining company and devoted several months to learning the native languages and securing valuable passports all over Asia.

He returned home to Columbia City, Ind., and organized a company with a capital stock of $100,000 and will soon return to Korea and commence the purchase of the fur.

He brought some of the fur home with him and sold it at an enormous profit, thus demonstrating the success of the business. He has many friends here who will wish him abundant success in his new undertaking.

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