Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1919 Merry Christmas

Over the months and now a couple of years of research -- reading and cataloguing so many articles from the local newspaper -- I find myself entranced with how in the early 1900s, G.L. Adams, editor and publisher of the paper, would try to be creative. Even with the limited ability of printing. Pictures were fuzzy and artwork was sometimes hard to decipher, but he still found a way. I especially like how he created a tree with the printed word -- very creative. As I get into the final weeks of editing the biography of G.L. Adams as well as showing some of his writings, I am already starting to miss discovering new and different ways he found to celebrate the village's progress and events.

It is no wonder he was celebrated by the Michigan Press association in those days and gained the moniker of "Dad" Adams, most likely due to his longevity. On one hand, I will miss doing the research, but on the flipside, I can't wait to have this available for others to enjoy.

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