Monday, October 11, 2010

Squint Shot 101110

This headstone is for the Metcalfs. It is located at the left side of the main road coming into the old portion of Greenwood Cemetery. There is a large tree at the corner and this monument stands quite close to it.

I was unsuccessful in my search for Harvey Metcalf's obituary (d. May, 1878) in all of my research papers, but I did come across,
The news business heretofore conducted by Mr. Metcalf will be removed to the Central News Depot in the basement of the Palmerton block, where all the late publications of the day and a good assortment of sheet music will be kept constantly on hand. In 1878, the new brick structure for the Palmerton block was completed, but in 1891 the building burned again and had to be rebuilt. How sad all of these papers were no doubt destroyed in the 1891 fire. Of interest, I did come across this article for Mrs. Metcalf, published in The Fowlerville Review in 1875:

Mrs. Metcalf, who left this village a few weeks since for California, met with quite an accident. The train on which she was traveling was run into by another, causing a smash-up, in which she had three ribs broken. The railroad company took her on to San Francisco, paid her doctor bill and offered her $200 to settle it; but she wants more.

I did have the pleasure of meeting a direct descendant of Harvey Metcalf recently when she purchased a copy of my book. It was interesting to speak with someone that knew so much about the family lineage. While working on putting together the Chronicles, I briefly (very briefly) thought about genealogy, but was overwhelmed by how this small community, in the very early days, combined families through marriage. Listening to this woman speak, I realized I made the right decision to follow the progress of the downtown instead of trying to work on families!

As far as the Metcalfs go, as I catalog the huge collection of history papers I have, I will occasionally post more information as it presents itself.

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