Sunday, October 16, 2011

1877 Local News Items

Beginning with this post, I will be doing a series of articles centered around 1877. Over the last year, I've tried to mix up the information over a 175 year period, but I am wondering if you might enjoy getting a real feel for what happened in this village during one year. I would love to get feedback on your thoughts.

So, to begin with this new series of history lessons.

Following are some of the blurbs found in the local news section:

Col. H.F. Dean of West Cornwall, Vt., is in the village again with another lot of Spanish Merino ewes, 86 in number.

On New Year's evening every window of the new Palmerton block was illuminated, presenting a very handsome appearance.

'Schofield's Comedy Company' will make a short tour of the villages in this vicinity after which they will again open up in this village.

Curtis & Co. have opened a picture store in the building recently occupied by Geo. W. Palmerton. They have a magnificent stock of beautiful chromes which they are selling at private sale and auction. It will be worth your time to drop in and take a look at them if you do not wish to buy.

Chas. Schofield has opened a barber shop in the building occupied by his father as a gun shop.

John McLeod hung out a new sign in the shape of a boot in front of his shoe shop on Thursday.

A sleigh load of 'colored individuals,' from Howell, paid Chas. Straws a visit on Wednesday evening.

The Detroit Lansing & Northern Michigan R.R. has prohibited all passengers from riding on their freight trains between Detroit and Ionia.

There will be a donation visit and oyster supper held at John Elliott's cheese factory in Iosco, tonight, for the benefit of Rev. L.L. Haughton.

We have made arrangements for a correspondant from Washington, who after next week will keep our readers posted as to the doings in that city.

The Good Templars of Howell will give an oyster supper at their hall one week from tomorrow evening (January 27th). A good time will be had and all are invited.

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