Monday, October 10, 2011

Squint Shot 101011

Class of 1925 . . .
Top two corners: Clair Rathbun and Rudolph Royce,
Top curved row: Marion Miner, Anna Novara, Ward Stowe, Mr. Leo Huff, Superintendent, Mr. Geo. Freed, Principal, Lawrence Kuehn, Ellen Redfield, and Marguerita Miller,
Second curved row: Max Dyer, Ione Carr, Irene Benjamin Treas, James Eisele, Vice President, Garth Gee, President, Anna Dillingham, Secretary, Inez Buckley, and Glenn Armstrong,
Two center students: Anna Converse and Aiden Tomion, and
Bottom row: Irene Casady, Clarence Sharp, Marie Dyer, Myrtle Fuller, Thelma Keppen, Carleton Chase, and Josephine Bristol.

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