Saturday, October 29, 2011

1880 Men's Club

A gentlemen's club was organized at this place on Thursday evening of last week, with the following officers: President G.L. Fisher; first vice president E.E. Walton, second vice president A.W. Cooper; secretary G.L. Adams; treasurer F.G. Rounsville; committee on rules and regulations G.L. Fisher, F.H. Warren and H. Conklin. A room over Cooper & Osborne's drug store has been rented and will be appropriately fitted up for a club room. The club will be named at a future date.

At a later date,

Another new society has been formed in Fowlerville which is composed exclusively of young men, the principles of which are truly commendable. It seems to be a kind of off-set to the pink ribbon clubs. The name for the club has not been adopted. The following is the pledge:

We, the young men of Fowlerville and vicinity, do hereby pledge ourselves upon our sacred honor that we will neither buy, make, sell or use any spiritous or malt liquors, wine or cider, as a beverage; and further that we will not keep company with any young lady who cannot do her own washing or baking and the usual household work and will use all means in our power to induce our lady friends to become proficient in the knowledge necessary to make a house neat and tidy. Our motto is, 'Girls who know how to do house work or no wives.'

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