Friday, October 14, 2011

Squint Shot 101411

Class of 1929 . . .
Top row: Clarence F. Allen, Wilfred M. Crawford, Delilah E. Tobin, Gertrude Rathbun, Glenn Sopp, Eileen E. Mulvaney, Harold E. Milett.
Second row (only four): Marian D. Peterson, Ruth Sovuny, Lehman J. Eaton, Josephine L. Johns.
Third row: Ruby B. Munsell, Selma S. Hendryx, Alden A. Stowe, Mr. H.D. Douglass, Supt., Shirley I. Robb, Doris Elliot Hedican, Jeanette Duncan.
Fourth row (only four): F.C. Jewell, Jr., Eda A. Bessert, V. Pres., Arthur Haist, Pres., Russell H. Copeland.
Fifth row: Donald I. Lockwood, Mabel M. Daly, Barbara W. Peek, Otto G. Fineout, Reita E. Bunn, Cecil F. Curtis.
Sixth row (only four): Geraldine L. Benjamin, Edna L. Haist, Sec., Amy E. Coffey, Treas., Ardis S. Knickerbocker.
Bottom row: Esabell M. Christian, Dorothy E. Griffin, Robert H. Plass, Mr. L.W. Duncan, Prin., Edward E. Joslin, Leora D. Walter.

The class composite was taken care of in Ypsilanti, Michigan, by 75 Camp Publishing Co.

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