Thursday, October 13, 2011

Squint Shot 101311

Class of 1928 . . .
Top row (including two that dip down a bit): Genevieve Hendryx, Louise Coon, Helen Blank, Donald Miner, Wilbert Wilson, Leah Chase, Kenneth Chappel, Celia Hufman, Marvin Monroe, Romine Hamilton.
Second row (including two that dip down a bit): Lilah Chase, Margaret Cossoss, Beulah Mitchell, Mr. H.D. Douglass, Supt., Ernestine Crofoot, Mr. I.W. Duncan, Princ., Gertrude Grover, Matt Dillingham, Marian Levine.
Third row (including two that dip down a bit): Maurine Vaughn, Hilda Beck, Marguerite Vaughn, Mary Bradley, Vice Pres., Fred Huschke, Pres., Elizabeth Clack, Russell Royce, Nellie Dunn.
Bottom row: Morrell Buckley, Katherine Book, Aileen Armstrong, Mildred Milett, Sec., Virginia Bell, Treas., Clair Miller, Earl Luce, Arden Killinger.

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