Monday, October 10, 2011

1895 Fleming Map

Today, and tomorrow and the next day, maps will be shown from an 1895 atlas for Livingston and Ingham counties. Like so many, I enjoy checking out maps closely to see if I can stop changes from when the map was created. This map is over a hundred years old so, yes, things are different and in many ways the same.

Fleming, quite often now called Six Corners, is halfway between Fowlerville and Howell. It has gotten its name as Six Corners due to three roads intersecting.

A few things of interest to note are:
1) Fleming used to have a post office,

2) A church is noted, the building of which may well be the one standing in the southeast section,

3) Across Grand River Avenue from the church a house is shown. I am not sure that one still stands but the school noted to the northwest of that still does. It was the Fleming School and has been renovated and now used for history lesson field trips for students.

4) At the very corner just west of the school, the post office and a store are noted; neither of which exist.

Tomorrow there will be another map from the 1895 atlas.

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