Sunday, October 16, 2011

Squint Shot 101611

Class of 1931 . . .
Top row: Virginia Ludtke, Anna M. Simpson, Willis Armstrong, Marguarite M. DeForest, Ruth N. Simpson, M. Hope Killinger, James E. Duncan, Clifford Marr, Orpha H. Killinger, Wilmont Peckens.
Second row: Kathleen B. Risch, Bertha H. Risch, Elsa Mae Grover, Hazel L. Sober, Anna L. Gehringer, Vice Pres., Garth Sherwood, Pres., Wayne Peterson, Harry W. Gibson, Frank Westmoreland, Doris H. Horton.
Third row: Maurine Howell, Vena McDaniels, June Carr, Hope Carr, Dorothy Eckhart, Sec'y, Doris Wendel, Treas., Covert I. Flucks, Mary Lou Marr, Gae Westmoreland, Loren Tuthill.
Bottom row: Geraldine S. Soule, Doris Monroe, Grant DeForest, Arnold Zwinck, H.T. Smith, Sup't., L.W. Duncan, Prin., Mary Finlan, Viola I. Klein, Doris R. Powell, Fern Munsell.

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Karin said...

This is my grandmother's class. She was Doris H Horton at that time and eventually married Erwin Haire.