Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1885 House Robbery

On Monday morning, Mr. John Denson, who lives alone, went to his marsh and worked there during the forenoon. When he returned to dinner, he found that his house had been broken open and $35 in cash stolen, also a certificate of deposit on McPhersons' bank, Howell, for nearly $400. He at once came to Fowlerville and notified the bank by telephone of his loss of the certificate. The thief or thieves gained an entrance to the house by prying open the doors with a spade. They then went up stairs and chopped open the chest containing his money and papers with an axe, after which they departed leaving no clue behind.

The above article was published in The Fowlerville Review.

As I continue to cull through information, if I ever come across if this robbery was solved or if McPhersons Bank made sure the certificate was not honored by anyone other than Mr. Denson, I will definitely do an update.

One bit of insight I do have to offer is when I was doing research for The Fowlerville Chronicles, I suffered under the illusion the early years of Fowlerville were crime-free -- mostly because I wasn't paying attention to those articles. But as I've been working on the biography for G.L. Adams, I have come across more and more articles where swindles, frauds, and break-ins were a common occurrence. It may have been a simpler time, but it may well still have been fraught with stress of other sorts.

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