Saturday, March 5, 2011

1894 Kline Struck by Lightning

Struck by Lightning~~Theadore Kline, son of Chas. Kline, of Conway, was struck by lightning while at work in the field cultivating on Monday afternoon, on the farm of John Shaller. The bolt struck him on the top of the head, tearing his hat in pieces and singing the hair from his head where the fluid struck. It ran down across his breast and left his body just below the ribs. Dr. Arthur S. Austin was called and all was done that was possible to do but the young man remained unconscious until Tuesday when he was able to recognize his relatives, and hopes are entertained for his recovery. The horses were also knocked down at the same time but did not sustain any injuries.

The above article was found in The Fowlerville Review, edited and published by G.L. Adams. As I did research for my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles, the Kline (or Klein) name was found throughout a large part of Fowlerville's history, and now as I catalogue all of the research materials, more information will be posted on this family.

A few weeks later, in the local newspaper, this article was posted about Chas. Kline:

On Wednesday morning, as Chas. Kline was coming to this village, he was overtaken in the road by Mrs. Ed. Collier and, in passing him through some miscalculation, her horse struck his hind wheel, bending the axeltree and smashing every spoke in the wheel.

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