Saturday, March 19, 2011

1978 Fowlerville Jaycees

There used to be a Fowlerville Jaycees group; in fact, they would meet on the second floor of the Harmon building. If you look up to the corner window of that building, you will still see lettering for their organization.

In 1978, the following picture was published in The Fowlerville Review, which at that time was being printed as a part of the Livingston County Press & Argus:
As noted in the caption for the picture, from left, officers this year are Bill Gregory; Art Currey, external director; Tom Zimmerman, external vice president; Joe Ridley, president; Ed Wicke, internal vice president; and Bill Call, internal director.

The caption also read, the Jaycees is not a businessman's club. It is more than Oktoberfests, Easter egg hunts, teen dances and ice rinks. It is made up of young men dedicated to community involvement and the desire for friendship.

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