Sunday, January 1, 2012

Squint Shot 010112

Last summer, on an early Saturday morning, my husband and I had breakfast at Olden Days (which we like to do quite often, by the way). The morning was sunny, refreshingly comfortable, and the downtown was mostly quiet of traffic. We decided to take a walk around the downtown, and of course, I had my camera in hand. Part of our walk took us to the backs of the buildings in the southeast quadrant.

Anyone reading this website for very long would know I'm always looking for "doorways to nowhere" and the following picture fit that bill -- although this was more likely a window at one time that is now bricked in. I suppose it could have even been a larger doorway then what stands there now. Does anyone remember?

Over the next few days of squint shots, I'll be showing more pictures from that nice summer morning. Also, while we were taking that walk, I was formulating a creative thought which became some artwork. If you look under the page tab for "Artwork," you will see how I was able to spell out "Fowlerville" using architectural and other sights found around the downtown. If anyone is interested in purchasing a one-of-kind piece of artwork, please feel free to contact me. I am also muddling around the thought of doing postcards and notecards -- I would love some feedback as to whether anyone would be interested in purchasing such items.

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