Monday, January 16, 2012

Squint Shot 011612

If you have been reading this website for very long, you may remember I have been puzzling over where that school might have been -- or even where Break O'Day was located. Local news items in the early late 1800s and early 1900s could be read about but I could never find a map that showed where this little burg might have been. The most I could come up with is what south of Webberville, in Ingham County.

Well, last month I had the pleasure of talking with someone that remembered reading some history on the area referred to as Break O'Day. The school was located on Howell-Mason road, west of Nicholson road but before you get to M-52. It is at the northeast corner of Howell-Mason and Risch roads, now a private residence. Of course, we had to drive by and snap a picture.

My friend also related that how this little area originally got its name was because the farmers in the area did most of their shipping of produce out of Stockbridge and they had to leave by the "break of day" to get to market. Isn't that just the coolest way to name a burg?!

He also mentioned the book where he came across this information; a book we happen to have stored in our historical collection. The next time I get that way, I'll look up any additional information and pass it along.

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