Saturday, January 28, 2012

Squint Shot 012812

A few days ago I showed a hinge located in a former office on the second floor of the Harmon building, formerly known as the Palmerton block. A friend and I were spending a late summer, very warm afternoon, wandering through the darkened rooms of this three-story building. There's no electricity, heating, or cooling so we were feeling the heat particularly hard that day. But it was still great fun.
As we were looking out the east windows, I noticed this hardware. Similar hardware can be seen in the old Nellie Glenn house at the southwest corner of East Grand River and Collins. If you search on "Nellie Glenn," you can find various squint shots of the inside of that house, and especially some of the hardware.

But back to the Harmon building. Along the east side of the third floor, it has been reported that some lawyers may have used these rooms as their offices years earlier. J.B. Munsell is one name that has been mentioned. Before that Judge A.E. Cole may have had an office here.

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