Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Squint Shot 012512

As with yesterday's squint shot, my friend and I were checking out the canopy still attached to the south wall of the second floor of the Harmon building where members of the International Order of Odd-Fellows (and at one time the Masons) would meet. The front shade, which showed red on the outside when it was pulled down, was retracted and hid by the fabric hanging from the wood structure. The whole thing is basically being held to the wall by a few screws and guy wires. No other supports are visible. Years ago, when a member of either order passed away, a Resolution of Respect would be published in the local newspaper. There is no longer an I.O.O.F. order in Fowlerville but the Masons are still here. They are now located on East Grand River, in the second floor of the building just east of the driveway for the Niblack Funeral Home.

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