Thursday, January 26, 2012

Squint Shot 012612

There are layers and layers of old wallpaper peeling off the walls in the second floor of the Harmon building. There has been some water damage, making for quite a bit of mold on the walls. Unfortunately, since the second and third floors are not handicapped-accessible, they are not currently being used and so they continue to be kind of like a time capsule to an era long-gone.

But the interesting part of all of these layers -- as relayed to me by the my friend who is a bit of an expert in what wallpaper can tell us -- pointed out one of the parts of the wallpaper that created "archways." Imagine a room full of Greek or Roman columns and archways in the wallpaper and how it must have looked so formal, if not a bit daunting. Now, thanks to my friend, I will be looking for other layers of wallpaper, wondering what a room may have looked like.

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