Friday, November 16, 2012

Squint Shot 111612

Once my fellow explore and I were done checking things out in the basement of the Harmon building, we headed to the main floor to give our thanks to Paul Harmon for him letting us explore to our hearts' content.  While we stood there talking, Paul offered to show us the safe that stands in the reception area -- and has been there since the building was rebuilt in 1892.  
Paul swung the massive door open to show us how think the door and walls are.  On the door, there is a checklist of various inspections done of the safe over the years, most dating to the early 1900s.  
I had to take pictures of two of the bottom-hinged doors found inside the safe.  It was unbelievable how heavy those doors are, made of 1/2-inch metal.  Very impressive. 

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