Sunday, November 18, 2012

Squint Shot 111812

After being at the Harmon building, I drove over to the Niblack Funeral Home, as Scott Niblack had told me about the old elevator in the funeral home.  Years ago, it was moved from the large "pink" stone house located on North Grand avenue across from the fire station.  The house was the Vogt Funeral Home in the early 1900s. 
Today's squint shots show the information stamped into the mechanism.

Doing a little research online, I could find the Sidney Elevator Mfg. Co. listed in a directory-style book on the "Iron Age" as making belt elevators, electric elevators, freight elevators, hand-powered elevators, passenger elevators, and vehicle elevators.  The book was published in New York, May, 1908, by the David Williams Company.  The book was entitled "The Iron Age Directory, A Classified Index of Goods Manufactured by Advertisers in the Iron Age."  You could purchase the book for 25-cents and one copy was sent free to each subscriber of "The Iron Age."

This directory information would fit in with the time-frame of having the elevator in the Vogt Funeral Home.  The wonderful thing, it is sturdy, trustworthy, and still being used to this day.

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