Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Three Updates

I am discovering I have some wonderful readers that are able to contribute additional information -- and that is great, because it just makes this information website all the better.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have received some e-mails with information on recent posts.

The first update is in regards to my post of October 23, 2012, "1992 Poster Center Top," which you can check out by clicking here.  I posed the question if anyone knew where News and Views was located at that time.  According to one of my readers, they were located on North Second Street, in the two-story house just north of what is now an empty lot at the northeast corner of North Second and East Grand River. As a side note, that empty lot is also the location of the old Spencer House (originally known as the Spencer Exchange) -- feel free to search on either of those names and read some interesting history.

The second update is in regards to a recently posted team pictures showing Charles Gehringer.  The picture was donated to the library by Don Knodle and you can check out the post by clicking here. One of the other players identified in the picture was Howard Canfield.  According to my reader, "he died in 2000 at age 98 and up 'til the end, was driving to Florida for the winter and fishing everyday at his cabin up north in the summer.  A character in the best sense of the word!  He made braided leather key chain fobs, which I still have on my cabin keys."  Thank you, dear reader, for this information.

The last update brought two bits of information.  One reader left a comment -- which I absolutely love when anyone leaves a comment -- which you can read by clicking here.  In addition to Mike G's comment, the following information was sent to me:  "Just cruised thru your blog.  The lettering on the door of the 2nd floor of the Harmon building is Ron Dillingham.  Fred's younger brother.  He started his insurance business there (Steve Horton remembers helping Ron paint the office that lovely shade of green).  When I came here in 1990, Ron had purchased an existing insurance business from Mr. White in Webberville and moved there.  Later in the late 90's, he moved to Tennessee to become an adjuster for the parent company."

Thank you once again to anyone posting comments or passing along information through e-mail.  It may sometimes take me awhile to get these updates on the website, but they will eventually show up!

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