Saturday, November 10, 2012

Squint Shot 111012

After my fellow explorer and I checked out the cloak room, we wandered aimlessly through the big ballroom.  Over the years, I've taken a load of pictures of these rooms and you can see them all by using the search box at the upper right hand side of this blog.  You can type in Harmon building or Palmerton building or even Sidell building to see various pictures I've taken.
Two things I never noticed, nor got pictures of, are two pocket doors from the cloak room to the ballroom.  I tentatively opened the closed doors and they both slid like moving your hand over silk cloth -- there was no hesitation, catching, or even sound as the doors easily slid open.  Amazing to me.  After all these years, the craftsmanship of creating these two pocket doors shone through.  The only other time I've come across pocket doors like these are the ones found in the old Nellie Glenn house (make use of the search box to check out those squint shots). 
The picture above was taken without the flash, but I used the flash to show the following hardware for the doors:

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Mike G said...

That is gorgeous hardware!