Sunday, November 7, 2010

1880 Heel Insert

According to research I found for The Fowlerville Chronicles, in an article published in The Fowlerville Review in 1879, G.T. Fisher patented a supporter that covered, a large surface on the side of the heel and is so arranged by having a long slot instead of a round hole in the side of the supporter, that it does not necessitate shoe dealers keeping a large stock of four or five different sizes on hand as one size can be made to fit and easily attached to any boot or shoe. By the following year, he "removed" to Detroit, with J.G. Gould taking over the shoe business.

It has been interesting how the term "removed" eventually became "moved" in our modern times. There is something rather formal sounding to someone removing their operation to a new location -- do you agree?

Fowlerville had numerous industrious and inventive people within its boundaries. More can be found in The Fowlerville Chronicles, such as Mr. Bowers who invented a piece of safety equipment for auto works -- check it out!

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