Thursday, November 18, 2010

1930 Fuel Robbery

Many articles published in The Fowlerville Review during the Depression Era years showed a desperation by many, but not this one -- it would appear it was all about mischief.

Boys Caught Stealing Gas from Parked Car~~Last Friday evening, as a number of cars were parked on the school grounds while the alumni reception was taking place, Mr. Locey of Howell caught three young men about 15 to 17 years old, draining gas out of E.D. Benjamin’s car. Later, the same boys were stopped on Grand River street by the traffic officer for running their car with but one light.

The youths put up a hard luck story about being out of gas and wanting to get home and they were allowed to go. Later it developed that they belonged to a gang of young fellows from Owosso who have been in the habit of pulling off such deeds, and Deputy Sheriff Sam Sidell is investigating with the objective of finding out just who they were and if it is ascertained that they are the boys suspected, warrants may be issued for them.

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