Friday, November 26, 2010

Squint Shot 112610

This is another great shot of the downtown area from about 1200 feet in the air. Starting at the upper left hand corner, a bit of the wing brace is visible but then the empty lot front on West Grand River is shown along with the buildings in the northwest quadrant.

The northeast corner shows all of those buildings, the public parking lot, the fire department and library buildings, and something that no longer exists. Does anyone have any ideas? (Hint: It has been torn down recently and I will be showing squint shots at a later date of that whole process.)

Onto the southeast quadrant, you can see the roofs of the buildings fronting on Grand River Avenue as well as all of the other buildings around the block. In the block south of this one, you can see the village offices.

Across South Grand Avenue, Curtis Grocery building and parking lots are visible in the same block with the old Ford garage. Can you imagine what that block may have looked like with a 2 1/2- story hotel building right at the southwest corner, and then one-and-two-story brick buildings lined along South Grand Avenue, all the way to the Baptist Church parking lot? All of those buildings slowly disappeared from about 1935 until the last one came down in the late 1970s.

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