Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1923 Gypsies in the Area

The Fowlerville Review publisher and editor kept close tabs on any newcomers into the area; in particular, "gypsies." The following article gave warning to the local residents, probably long after the gang had moved on:

Gypsies Raise Hob~~A load of Gypsies struck Fowlerville Saturday, but so far as we have learned committed no special depredations; for one reason, no doubt, Marshall Fryant kept close watch of the women and several merchants who have had previous experience would not allow them to enter their stores. Other villages were not so fortunate.

Tuesday, the wires were burning with messages to
officers in this and surrounding counties, as residents of Cohoctah vicinity had been robbed by the Gypsies. While these messages were being relayed to officers, the very outfit under suspicion were in Perry. A citizen of that burg was touched for one hundred dollars. He gave the alarm, and the town marshal of Perry also bearing the badge of a constable, located his man in a hurry. The gypsy turned one hundred dollars over to the marshal, who in turn was so pleased in making the coupe he gave the gypsy a hearty hand-shake and god-speed on his way.

The outfit that spent a few days around this part of the state was composed of typical gypsies, excepting they have abandoned the horse and camp practice and are now riding in style in automobiles.

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