Thursday, November 11, 2010

Squint Shot 111110

The following aerial was taken has Scott Niblack and I took our first sweep around the village. At this point, we were about over the railroad tracks, having just passed South Grand Avenue. The horizontal (and slightly diagonal) street toward the bottom of the picture is Frank Street. Later this month, there will be a photograph similar to this angle, but closer to the downtown.

As a side note, and one that isn't very pleasant, the two long white buildings at the bottom of the picture is the former location of Boltec (if you drive by the front of the building, you can still see the name on the front door). As I did research for The Fowlerville Chronicles, I found a few articles along about the mid-1970s regarding this industry. There were some issues between the company and the village council, and eventually the owner of the business relocated in Howell. But, in the meantime, this location was designated as an EPA Superfund site (and can be found on the EPA website) -- in other words, there was some contamination that went into the ground. At this date, I do not know the status of this land, but it would appear it is still not being used.

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