Monday, November 1, 2010

Squint Shot 110110

This may look like a fairly odd squint shot, but what this represents is the beginning of 29 days of aerial shots of Fowlerville and the surrounding area. I'm still going to call them "squint shots" even though they were taken from at least 1500 feet. Nine of the next 29 pictures were included in, and can be found at the very back of, The Fowlerville Chronicles. Scott Niblack was my willing pilot and I hope I have thanked him enough for this opportunity to see the village from the sky. As I mentioned in the book, it was the "frosting on the cake" to be able to add these views to show our present day surroundings.

As a side anecdotal story to this adventure, the day Scott felt would work the best for this fly-over turned out to be a hot and humid day. He called around 10 am and informed me the cloud ceiling needed to be a little higher before we could fly. I was fine with that . . . otherwise these pictures would have all been fairly foggy. He then called at 11, 12, and finally about 1 pm, he said the time was "now." I jumped into my trusty truck and met him within the half hour at Maple Grove Airport. We got the plane out onto the grass strip, buckled in, and within minutes he had us cruising at the desired elevation. We took a fairly wide sweep around the village, then circled again in a much tighter circle so I could get more close-ups.

We were ready to head back to the airport -- me knowing I had gotten some awesome pictures -- but he wondered about flying over our house. Of course, the answer was a resounding yes. We flew over and I snapped a few more quick shots. That was fun.

But back to present day Fowlerville aerials. You will find the next 29 days with some interesting shots on this site. Maybe you will be able to pick out your house or business. I'll post the main streets, direction, etc. to help you out. In addition to these aerials, each day a "history lesson" will also be available for your reading pleasure. They are in no particular order chronologically but all very interesting.

So, see you tomorrow from the sky!

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