Friday, November 12, 2010

1933 Mystery in Conway Township

News of the surrounding area around Fowlerville was always of interest to check out while I gathered materials for The Fowlerville Chronicles. The following article spoke of a mystery that probably has never been solved.

Skeleton Found in Conway Last Monday~~”A Bone, a Rag and a Hank of Hair” all that Remains for Identification~~Monday afternoon, while Hugh Dryer, Arthur Chase, and another man, were working on a road just east of the Dillingham school house in Conway, they came across the skeleton of a man lying in the ditch and partly covered with dirt and muck.

The road leads across a swamp and was graded last fall in preparation for graveling which is being done this fall. The skeleton evidently was there then, as it is estimated that it has lain there for several years. Why it was not discovered last fall by workmen is a question, but it was probably covered then and rains have exposed it since. The road is one that was seldom used as it has not been in good condition.

Only the bones, shoes, belt, and a few pieces of the clothing remain; hardly enough to make identification. The shoes were No. 6 and the skeleton that of a small man. The skull appeared to have been fractured, whether in an accident or murder, and the body afterward hidden there, and will probably remain a secret.

None of the residents in the neighborhood recall any missing person from the community in the past several years. Coroner Claude Rounsville was called and viewed the gruesome remains. Officers are investigating but there is little to go on with nothing left of the clothing with identification marks, and no tangible evidence as to how long the body had been there.

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