Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1967 Secret Witness

Christmas Decorations Vandalized~~Secret Witness Plan Offers $100 for Information and Arrest of Vandals~~Vandals were busy during the past week ruining nearly all of the outdoor Christmas decorations in the Fowlerville area as well as throughout Livingston County.

This practice of destroying other persons’ property is very hard to understand, especially in this season when it is the time for the adoration of the birth of the Lord.

Hundreds and perhaps even thousands of dollars of damage has been done throughout the county, consisting of stealing the decoration as well as just outright vandalism in smashing decorations and lights and other fixtures.

The Fowlerville Review, in cooperation with citizens of the area, has decided that the apathy surrounding not only this but many other acts of vandalism that take place can no longer be tolerated.

Starting immediately, a secret witness plan similar to the one recently adopted by the Detroit News will go into effect.

Somewhere there must be a witness to all or at least some of this vandalism. Here is an opportunity for this person or persons to come forth and do his or her civic duty and provide the necessary information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons committing these acts.

The person providing information leading to the arrest of these scoundrels will never be revealed to anyone what-so-ever. A $100 reward has been posted and will be turned over in cash if the information given is correct.

To qualify for this reward, the person may give his or her information to the Review by calling 223-9611 and asking for Dick. The person calling need not reveal his or her name.

Arrangements as to the details will be made at that time.

Dick Rudnicki was the publisher and editor of The Fowlerville Review.

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