Monday, November 29, 2010

1923 Mausoleum Donated to Village

The mausoleum, located at Greenwood Cemetery, facing Cemetery Road, was built in 1915. The following article, published in The Fowlerville Review, explained when this building was donated to the village:

Village Gets Mausoleum~~The Fowlerville Mausoleum Association has deeded their property in Greenwood Cemetery to the village of Fowlerville. In addition to the grounds and building, all personal property and equipment connected with it were given to the village. The Association also turned over to the village cash and crypts in the amount of $1,000, the income from which is to be used in perpetual care and maintenance of the mausoleum.

The village acquires without expenditure a valuable property. The building was inspected for defects last fall by experts and pronounced in perfect condition. The interior walls were refinished at that time and all doors and windows were repainted both inside and out. It is insured against windstorm for five years in advance.

Much credit is due Fred Kuhn for consummating this deal. Mr. Kuhn has been chairman of the Board of Trustees since the mausoleum was built in 1915-16. Assisted by Geo. A. Newman, he raised from the crypt owners the necessary funds to provide for the perpetual care and the purchase from A.C. Grover of the receiving room for $250. This purchase was necessary as the council insisted that they obtain full control subject only to the rights of the crypt owners.

A number of the owners failed to contribute anything; however, they will receive full benefit of the change. Many were unable to pay their contributions at the time the transfer was made but the deficiency was made up by Mr. Kuhn who also advanced the money to purchase the receiving room and four crypts that were turned over to the village.

This excellent arrangement assures the owners that the building will be cared for and maintained forever without further expense on their part as the provisions of the deed brings it under the law governing the perpetual care of cemetery lots.

The village now has full control of property which is sorely needed when the weather makes it impossible to make internments in the cemetery.

The Cemetery Board has a limited number of the crypts for sale.

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