Saturday, November 6, 2010

1919 House Fire

Fowlerville suffered numerous major fires within the downtown areas, specifically the main four corners. But also, in the late 1800s and into the early 1900s, there were many homes destroyed by fire. The following report was published in The Fowlerville Review in 1919. G.L. Adams would serve as the publisher and editor for another ten years for the Review and his reporting gave as many particulars as were available.

The Usual Sunday Fire~~About nine-tenths of the fires that have visited this village have occurred on Sunday, but very fortunately Fowlerville has been very fortunate in having them come few and far between.

At about 1:30 Sunday afternoon, the fire whistle sounded and it was soon discovered that the fire was located in the residence of Frank Lewis, in the extreme southeast corner of the village and that it was impossible to reach it with the hose. The first jerk on the pump by some excited person put it out of commission and no other pumps near the fire were in working order, and under such conditions, it was impossible to save the house.

The furniture in the lower part was nearly all removed, but nothing could be taken from the sleeping rooms on the second floor.

The residence of Mr. Bristol stood very near and all efforts were turned in that direction although at times it seemed as though that must burn, it was finally saved through heroic work.

Mr. Lewis carried no insurance and suffers a total loss of probably around about $700 although it cannot be replaced for that amount. Mr. Lewis had a long siege of illness a few years ago which left him with one crippled leg. Some time since, Mrs. Lewis had to go to Ann Arbor for an operation and after a lingering illness passed away.

He has been keeping house himself for some time and, after getting his breakfast Sunday morning, went away for the day and did not know of his loss until his return near nightfall.

It is not known how the fire originated.

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