Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1934 Rat v Sidell

The Sidells had the hardware store at the northwest corner, where Harmon Real Estate is now located, for many years, beginning in 1924. Ultimately, I came across a great deal of information in the local newspaper as I was researching the book. The following article is just one of many I will end up posting:

Hardware Merchant Will Now Shoot Rats~~Buster Sidell is limping around these days as the result of an entanglement with a huge rat Monday morning. It seems that the invader walked into the store with all the pomp and dignity that a rat can muster, and made himself at home. After a tour of inspection, the rat came right up to where Mr. Sidell was at work on his books, and attempted to occupy the same seat. Buster objected at this impolite intrusion and shooed him away. After scampering out of reach, the rat sat up and seemed to tell Buster a thing or two, and that settled it. Buster jumped out of his chair and made a leap for this sarcastic imp, with the intention of ending things right then and there. But, alas, Buster’s foot slipped against a display rack, a twisted ankle, a broken toe, and a general shake-up resulted. The rat gave Buster a most unsympathetic laugh and calmly walked away.

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